Ever ask, “What would I look like with blonde hair”?

That’s a question a lot of people ask themselves, “What would I look like with blonde hair?“. Lots of people are afraid to try popular different hair styles, let alone different colors.

Virgin Hair Color before photo 1Here’s a young lady who wanted to find out what see would look like as a blond. Her hair has never been colored before. What a treat!

She had asked herself, “What hair color is right for me?” and the answer always seemed to come out “Blonde”. So, today, she finds out.

We’re taking a leap of faith.

I’m glad she had faith in me…

I really care about my customers – I try to get just the style, the exact look they want. But you can hold your and look at what ‘shorter’ looks like. Color is not so easy to guess…

I was glad she liked it when we where done. I think it came out great, and what a huge changeit makes!

So when you ask yourself, “What would I look like with different hair?”, come see me and let me give you the look you want, too.

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